Top 10 iPhone Cases Of 2017

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Top 10 iPhone Cases Of 2017

How we chose

Choosing the perfect phone case for your phone can be a difficult task, especially with thousands of different phone cases available which is why we've compiled a list of what we thing are the top 10 iPhone cases right now. We believe that the best cases don't just look pretty, they add something new to the phone, whether that be functionality or a creative take on the common case. We've selected cases based not just on what they look like but also what they do to bring you the most creative and innovative cases money can buy. Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below! 

10. The Vintage Camera Case

Was $20.00

We just love the creativity of this case. Whilst it may not provide any extra functionality or be the most practical choice if you love photography then this might just be the case for you. Features a realistic 3-D design as well as a strap so that you can carry your iPhone around just like a real vintage camera.

vintage camera iphone case


9. Leather Apple Case


If you need a case to compliment the beautiful design of your new phone then where better to buy from than the makers themselves. This Apple case is crafted from genuine leather and adds protection without sacrificing style

Apple leather iphone case

8. Retro Game Boy Case

Was $18.95

Bring back some old childhood (or adult) memories with our this unique Game Boy phone case. Crafted from rubber for protection and durability, this creative case features a 3D design to look and feel like the real deal.

Gameboy iPhone Case

7. Luxgrain™ Premium Hardwood Case

Was $39.95

This Case sort of breaks our rule about functional cases but just look at it, can you blame us? Lovingly crafted from a unique selection of premium hardwoods, this is the Cadillac of cases; classic, stylish and timeless. 


6. SlimSwim™ Waterproof Case

Was $45.00

It's waterproof and it's slim, two words you rarely hear together when discussing iPhone cases. This case is able to protect your phone from any misadventures you may have around water without the bulky and cumbersome appearance of other waterproof cases 

Waterproof thin iPhone case

5. Ultrathin™ Charging Case

Was $45.00

This handy case contains a handy 2000 mA battery hidden within the case which is enough to get an iPhone 6 up to full charge. Plus unlike other bulkier battery cases which we looked at, you'll hardly even notice that there's a battery in there. This Case also boast unique intelligent charging features and displays the current charge level on the case so that you're never caught out. 

Battery iPhone Case Slim Thin

4. X-Frame Minimalist Case

Was $45.00

This case is the next best thing to not having a case at all, featuring a fraction of the material of a case and all the protection of one. This minimalist case is crafted from aluminium and can safely and securely protect all of the most important areas of your phone without hiding the beauty underneath.

 Minimalist iPhone Case

3. Secret Stash Case

Was $35.00

You wouldn't know from looking at it but this elegant case actually contains a secret compartment inside of it for keeping cards or cash safe. If that wasn't enough functionality for you the super secret hinge at the bottom of the case also doubles as a stand for the phone for all your iPhone standing needs.

Secret Stash Wallet Phone Case

2. The Selfie Case

Was $25.00

This case hardly needs any description at all. Beautiful, elegant, effortless.. and that's just the selfies which you'll be taking with it. Features LED lighting around the front side of the case, adjustable light intensity and is easily rechargeable from any USB outlet.

 Light Up Selfie Case


1. Gecko-Grip™ iPhone Case

Was $30

If you haven't seen this case in action yet you're missing out. This incredible accessory is a marvel in its own right with the ability to grip any flat, smooth surface with micro suction technology, inspired by the Gecko's gravity defying wall climbing ability. The uses for this case are limited only by your imagination. 

 Gecko Grip Anti Gravity Phone Case




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