360 Degree Neck Phone Holder

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Make your phone stay still right in front of your eyes, hands free? It's 2019, we had it figured out.

  • UBER FLEXIBLE - rotate your phone in any angle. With the bendable arm, you can strap it around your neck, put it on the ground or even wrap it around your steering wheel.
  • STURDY - made of high quality aluminium alloy and ABS material, the arm will stay still for an extended amount of time. There's also a rubber pad inside to keep your phone from scratches and sliding.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE - easily accommodate phones within 4.5 - 7.3 in (11.43 - 18.54 cm) long. The iPhone 8 (5.45") will fit right in.

Now you can continue streaming that Netflix show while doing the dishes. Or simply let your hands rest under the warm blanket while watching a bed time movie.


Due to high demand, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.